Netflix Roulette picks a movie at random


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“You can be surprised by any one of 10 different movies available in the Netflix streaming library!”


Guess I set the bar too high; ask for anything above a 4.5 rating and you get either Avengers or ‘Pokémon the Movie: White: Victini and Zekrom’.

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I wish it had a button to add a movie to your queue.

I get frustrated with Netflix selection but it’s nothing compared to the hair-pulling Blockbluster rages I used to have…


Stiff Upper Lips

Actually, that looks not bad. I can’t tell if it’s available on Netflix Canada though.

I’ve actually been watching a Netflix movie every night for the last four or six months, and I’m losing ground—they’re adding them faster than I can watch them. These are all movies I’m legitimately interested in seeing, though not all of them are “good movies”; often I’ll be working while the movie is playing. In recent weeks I’ve watched Chinatown, Anatomy of a Murder, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the Fistful of Dollars trilogy, Rocky I-V, Dirty Pretty Things, Blood Beast Terror, Grabbers, Monsters, and the Big Dollhouse.

If what you want are blockbusters from the last few years, Netflix is not for you. If you want to browse a random slice of the last eighty years of decent movies, it’s actually pretty good. (If you want to watch a lot of cheap horror movies, it’s exceptional.)

My Netflix spinner got me to “Where Is Parsifal?” a 1984 comedy starring Tony Curtis, Orson Welles, and Erik Estrada. SOLD!


I like the error message:

ERROR: Don’t poke around in caves, snakes will eat you.

It isn’t often that you get good advice from an error message. They usually just tell you what the problem is (no javascript enabled).


That should be easy to fix. Watch them and rate them appropriately. I get Avengers and 2 different pokemon choices. And there’s only one sci-fi/fantasy title in the 4-5 rating - Serenity.

Won’t work. This looks to be using Netflix’s general ratings, not your personal ratings.

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