Disney princesses reimagined as hot dogs

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hotdogs are what you eat in hell without condiments of any kind.

Phew, it’s the less disturbing kind of hot dog.


I want to sink my teeth into them so bad!


Or…take the easy way and portray Disney Princes: Just add a little shredded red cabbage and a couple of olives at one end…(I’ll let you take a moment to picture that in your mind).

disney princes had some big balls.

that’s why they’re princes…

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So when you wish you were an Oscar Meyer weiner, your dreams come true?

edit: Ah, yes. I was hoping someone would see what I did there…


What’s the one on the left? with the green hair?

She’s supposed to be Rapunzel from Tangled, according to the recipe BB linked to.

Dropped by for the inevitable jokes:
“I’d eat all the Disney princesses” or at least “I’d put Disney princess wieners in my mouth”
Leaving very very disappointed, you people are slipping… :disappointed_relieved:

a thread about animated children’s princesses turned into hot dogs is not the time to suddenly have mature discussions people…;-P…this is the internet for cryin out loud!


I like my hotdog princesses like I like my women…


Covered in bees!


I remember for a time no matter what I Google image searched, I would find sexualized Sonic the Hedgehog characters from deviantart infesting the results.

Edit: I liked the early games, but I don’t at all understand the transition to where it became some sort of not-even-furry outlet for persons to get sexually fixated on. Fetishes I can grok, furries abstractly, but sexualizing children’s entertainment like MLP… still (probably thankfully) opaque to me.


Yeah, that’s a pretty weak Rapunzel. I had to go to the source page to find out what it was supposed to be.

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A classical case for rule 34 - I don’t think anyone is able to understand all fetishes out there.

This princess party is a real sausage-fest…


thats true for example princes Anna and Elsa have really big balls at Frozen Games. you can see it.

no, no, no.

I can at least understand the furries through the lens of the indie comix scene of the 70s and beyond.

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