See Disney princesses fall in love, with each other


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This. Needs to be more than gifs.


Wow - this is going to piss some people off - lol.


Corrupting the morals of our youth! Boycott! Boycott!


I need this.


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This is hardly news, I’ve already got like 2 GB of Disney Princess slashfic on my

Who cares about this story. I’m disappointing in boingboing.


I am disappointing in … just what the hell grammar crime is that? present-perfect-continuousing an adjective?



I never thought that I’d want to be a Disney Princess before.


There is much debate is our household over whether “Princess Daddy” is a legitimate princess, or not. It fluctuates, but seems to be based on whether or not I am wearing a tiara at the time.


Perhaps you need a formal coronation ceremony for your insignia of office to have the respect it deserves…


Sem hon heldr inum helgum eignum ok krýnd í þessum helga stað ek té fram fyrir yðr…Princess @OtherMichael of Arendelle.



Wow, you got the blond spot at the top of my head dead to rights!



I was all in on this with the Belle/Jasmine .gif, but isn’t Nakoma Pocahontas’ half sister? So… kinda incesty lesbian “princesses”? eep!


Better not try the Egyptian slashfic, then!

I’d love to see Disney tackle an Egyptian princess who was a goddess, and married to her brother. But I suspect that they’d drop the ball.

Also, I feel old when I note that, despite me liking the concept, I don’t know who the princesses in the GIFs are.


The Little Mermaid: 1989.

Beauty and the Beast: 1991.

They’re both well over 20 years old and deeply embedded in the cultural canon. Although seeing as you’re you, you’ll probably say culture is some kind of mass delusion (which I guess is actually kinda true in a few ways) and that you prefer to read only literature you’ve written yourself, and only watch films you directed and produced yourself or something.


OK, thanks.

I’m not quite so insular as that! It’s just that there was 25 years between when I was a young child, to when I had a young child of my own. Between those years, I had no idea what Disney was doing.

Even in my childhood years, despite having been exposed to some Disney movies, I gravitated towards more sci-fi and monster movies. This allowed me to enjoy more actual lesbian stories than I would have gotten from Disney! I appreciate creating and sharing work with my friends, but I don’t avoid movies and literature made by others on general principle.


General rundown of who’s in the gifs, top to bottom (left to right within the gif):

Ariel (The Little Mermaid 1989) and Nani (Lilo and Stitch 2002)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast 1991) and Jasmine (Aladdin 1992)

Esmerelda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996) and Megara aka Meg (Hercules 1997 (Jezeus, now I feel old! It barely seems like a few years old!))