See Disney princesses fall in love, with each other

Well, to be fair, I’m not certain the Disney versions of Esmerelda and Megara really embedded themselves that firmly. I figured out who they were, but it was more of an informed guess than instant recognition. Belle and Ariel I immediately sussed, despite having never seen their movies.

ETA: Also, completely forgot Nani. I thought someone had drawn a grown up Lilo.

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Hawt. But I’m afraid Belle is simply out of her league. I really enjoyed her movie, but I always felt that, being named “Belle” and the titular Beauty of the movie, she looked way too much like…

Well, like me. Bookishness and all.

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Guys. It’s Esmeralda. With “e”, then “a”. Means “emerald” in Spanish.

But then again, the taxi driver in Pulp Fiction was twice-mangled Esmarelda.

I always though it could be subtle in-joke about cultural appropriation or something, given the focus on names in the dialogue and the line “I’m American, honey. Our names don’t mean shit.”

Though it’s more likely Tarantino just didn’t care and the Spanish-speaking crew just rolled their eyes in silence.

Funny thing is, after a few generations this sort of mistake becomes “alternate spelling”, and then fully legit even though it has nothing to do with the original meaning. Butch was so right.

So. Gay princesses. Rich people, eh? Always dating among themselves.



The spelling looked off to me, but I didn’t care to go to the trouble of looking it up. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Fixed that for you.


Oh, when you have a young daughter, you get to know the princesses, like it or not!

And yeah, she’s also being taught how to swing a hammer and ride a skateboard etc…, but she’s absolutely in love with pink and princesses… Hopefully it’s just a phase…

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I’m a bad speller. Also, apparently my version of Firefox doesn’t have Esmeralda or Esmerelda. Either way it’s saying I’m wrong. So… Whaddya gonna do?

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Look it up and add it to your dictionary, for all those future occasions you’re going to need it.


Well, obviously you need a tiara.


Here in Germany only vaginal intercourse is punishable under the incest laws (StGB § 173, “Beischlaf” has a specific legal meaning) - all other kinds of sex are legal (or rather not prohibited).

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This post promotes the princess agenda. (lol)

Sometimes I wish Elsa wore pink so that we didn’t have to change wardrobes several times a day from pink to blue and back.

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