Scenes from a vegan hot dog eating contest


nom de food

Nom de nom?


The winner managed to eat almost two.


In the pic in the boingboing feed, the girl on the right end looks like someone just told her that the hotdog she ate had meat…


tells one of the two emcees

apropos of nothing, but when did M.C. (master of ceremonies ) become emce?

When you have two M.C.s I think it’s spelled like dis:


Yuck. It’s surprising what people will stuff in their mouths.

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So I take it, considering the photos and the consensus that most of Austin’s fringe cultures were represented, its a pretty white city?

Emcee, and according to Oxford, around the 1930s.


There is no such thing as a “vegan hot dog.” Hot veggie tubes exist, but they’re not hot dogs any more than a large pile of leaves in the rough shape of a car is a car. A meatless hot dog can’t exist any more than non-alcoholic vodka.


Yes. This is something i don’t quite get about “vegetarian” food. Why does it often disguise itself as meat?

Veggie dogs. Soy meat. here in argentina, soy milanesas.

What’s the matter with that. Does it feel guilty or something?


Foods like burgers, hot dogs etc are made for convenience and tastiness.

Vegetarians aren’t against those things.


I assume you feel the same about chicken burgers?

Pointless argument anyway - a vegan hotdog is called that because it’s a near facsimile of a hotdog, but vegan; it’s a perfectly descriptive name.

(Hotdogs are mosty garlic, spices and texture anyway, they’re not hard to replicate without bits of unwanted meat, we’re not talking about steak here)


As a lapsed vegetarian, for me it was a way of eating some version of foods I had enjoyed without the supposed dangers of eating meat. Although even at the time I had a feeling that, say, soy bacon was at least as full of sodium and nitrates as the real thing, and who knows what the hell else they were putting in there to make it look like yellow and red cardboard but taste a lot like bacon.


Love it!

just selection bias, methinks.

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… and gratifying.

When vegans eat vegan ‘meats’, it simulates the exploitation of animals, which is considered by some to be no different than actual exploitation of animals. As a level seven vegan*, I am against it.

*I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow.


i tried to eat a vegan hot dog at a party once, my thought process was "how bad could it be?, a hot dog is pretty simple even if it just tastes like tofu i can fix it with catsup and mustard’.

It turned out to have this bizarre thick leathery skin that was hard to bite through, and once you got through it a sulfur flavored goop would squeeze onto the tongue cursing me with a textural experience that made my skin crawl all day

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There is no such thing as a vegan hot dog. That’s like saying “veal carrot”.

True. On the other hand, technically this is prerequisite for oral sex.