Disney villain sugar skulls


Part of me wants to make some myself. And part of me is discouraged by posts like this:

I’m not Mexican, but I’m Latin American. If I were you, I wouldn’t listen to Tumblr for advice on cultural sensitivity, especially when it comes to Latin America. There is an approach to cultural exchange there that is quite distinct from the one found in the US - as evidenced, in fact, by the fact that Dia de los Muertos is a mixture of indigenous and Christian traditions. It’s considered a strength. My impression is that some Latin Americans based in the US have internalised some of the approach promoted in the US (in a nutshell, more “separatist”) and have quite the peculiar approach to Latin American culture…

ETA: I mean, those skulls are used in advertising in Mexico. Seriously, we’re not a bunch of dense people who think all aspects of our culture are SACRED. If you try to separate aspects of Latin American culture into discrete sections of what’s European or what’s indigenous (let alone white or nonwhite!), YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME.

Interesting. Thank you.

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