Easter Island statue ice cube tray

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Even better, you can make chocolates and soap with it, too.

Jello shots


Or gum.

Even better, you can make chocolates and soap with it, too.
Do not mix them up.

I love this tiki culture stuff, but it is appropriation, isn’t it?

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giant moai.”


I totally have one of these, my son and I got it for mom as a “present”. We wanted it ourselves but it was still appropriate since we did honeymoon on Easter Island (/rationalization).

One review point though, the tray is floppy so that makes it hard to load into the freezer and if you lack a flat spot in the freezer for it, it is even more trouble. For us it is a novelty since our fridge makes ice. We mostly use it to freeze coffee for iced coffee.

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Nah, ice is part of everyone’s culture.

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I spent my childhood on the coast of Southern California in the '60s and I was surrounded by secondhand tiki culture. I even painted miniature plaster tiki figures at my elementary school’s summer rec program. I’ve loved them ever since and I don’t feel like I personally appropriated (or misappropriated) anything. It was just there.

I feel a lot like that about Mexican culture too, growing up in that time and place. After all, it used to be part of Mexico. I’d love having an Olmec colossal head silicone ice mold too, maybe the size of those Death Star ones.


A while back I got a Space Invaders ice cube try, from these same guys even. I was really excited until I got it home and realized I’d just paid $10 for a 1/4 size ice cube tray that was really fiddly to use and could supply maybe two drinks per freeze. Why bother?

Now, I can actually see if you’re into homemade soaps or chocolates or whatever. Those require some effort already, and they’re kind of art anyway, so you might as well make them look good. It’s not worth the hassle for keeping your drinks cold.

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