The Icebreaker Nordic Pop is the ice cube tray you’ve waited your whole life for

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Y’know what I miss? Those aluminum trays with the removable divider with a lever mechanism for breaking the ice out. There was something so mechanically satisfying about working that lever. Twisting the plastic trays was never quite as much fun. The silicone ice trays are an improvement, but nothing like those old aluminum ones.


Seems like there are a number of people ready to take your money on Amazon. And then not refund it to you when the cheap, thin copy of the ones you remember breaks on first use (according to the reviews).


6 to 8 hours? This is not acceptable.


This has been fully reviewed and the conclusion is that a normal ice cube tray works better, makes more ice and is cheaper



It takes about an hour for my ice cubes to freeze after filling up the tray.


If that’s what I’ve been waiting for, my life has been wasted.


A shitty product advertised on BoingBoing? No!


On the other hand, it’s a little easier in case you don’t reckon yourself enough time to fill a side of lamb with water, ice it for 6-8 hours, then punch it until the ice flows out like seasonal splatter movie snow. It says: I want more gimmick than silicone ice molds, but following a strict square corners rule, and I’m expecting a cancer (AIDS, lamb prion diseases…, Woody Harrelson Movie Network Subscription) diagnosis any day now.


Wasted, but saving so much time throwing things in the freezer rather than babysitting 3D printers, you and your talent for sugru or molten sugar or solidified molasses might yet break free of your manufactory prison, brightly through a chrysalis of food-safe popping moulds.


I recently found a bag full of those aluminum ice cube trays and a manual typewriter out onthe curb on the streets of San Francisco. The trays were complete with levers and looked brand new. After using them once we were forced to cast them back out on the curb because the sound they make when you pull the lever is quite horrendous. I mean, it was really very bad. Back to the silicon trays which don’t cost anywhere close to twenty bucks apiece and are nice and quiet.

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My fridge makes ice cubes - shits them into a basket.

Given a choice (I wasn’t with this model/line) I could live without - there’s an extra cost having plumber rough-in water line during construction, then the dense plastic water filter cylinder that needs replacing more often than seems reasonable… and the added risk of more pressurized water lines in awkward spaces… a simple ice tray would be a welcome ‘improvement’.

No longer must you suffer the tyranny of automatic ice makers!

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But that’s the best part about them, not counting the ice!

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And anyway, this is an icebreaker.

Frank McClintock’s one star review at Amazon says: Maybe I’m an idiot, but I could not figure out how this contraption is supposed to work?? After removing this from the freezer it was like one big block of ice and the hole at the top was frozen solid so there was no way to get any ice cubes out of it?? There were no instructions provided and maybe I’m doing something wrong, but a good product should be easy to use/figure out. I wouldn’t waste your money on this.

The thermal properties of the tray that make it great to keep the ice cold while it is out of the freezer, also make it harder for the cold to get into the tray.

They should make the handles aluminum and have them connected to some aluminum plates or the lid aluminum and have a probe on it inside to conduct the cold into the ice cube tray.

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