Disney World after humanity's demise

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so this means that at some point in the future, they are going to rebuilt the sorcerer’s hat!

Don’t zoom and enhance… Some disturbing denizens of the park



I don’t think anything in Disney World will last “long” after humanity’s demise. Despite the tendency of games like Fallout which ask us to believe in ruined but standing buildings centuries after the end of civilization, abandoned buildings like the famous Dixie Square Mall went to a state beyond Fallout ruins in only three decades before being formally demolished.

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There is always the possibility that people would have built something there in place of Disney World long before the species’ demise.

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This is wonderful. I loved loved LOVED that “Life After People” show, I think on one of Discovery’s family of channels. Pics of the Disney attractions falling down “150 years after people!!!11!!” would have been epic.

Yes, I am perhaps a bit eccentric. :smile:

Any guess on how long Disney copyrights will extend after humanity’s demise?


Far future Planet of the Apes archeologists trying to figure out just what the hell the place was used for.

Was it a scientific research facility? A meat processing plant? A religious shrine to something called Stitch?

It’s going to impossible to form consistent theories about ancient human society.

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Life of the species plus 95 years.


(Thanks, Paul!)

De nada.

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