Disneyland to offer 'After Dark' events in 2018, starting with a 'Throwback Nite'


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/14/disneyland-to-offer-after-da.html


Magic Kingdom in Disney World does this too, minus the specific theming (I’m booked for one after our Star Wars cruise(!) in March). I hope the theme nights idea comes to WDW, too!


ok…calling it “after dark” is misleading. I feel robbed from what I THOUGHT this was going to mean.




Playboy doesn’t own that trademark?


Hmm, maybe D.A.D. (formerly Disneyland After Dark, but then a lawsuit appeared :smiley:) have a case for a counter-suit?


It also brings back memories of Grad Night at Disneyland: thousands of Southern California HS students transgressing as much as they could in the Happiest Place on Earth.


Please not the racist stuff please not the racist stuff please not the racist stuff


That was the first place my mind went too: Free vinyl reissues of the “Song Of The South” soundtrack for the first 500 people to show up in full Klan regalia!


Well, at least at night they’re not likely to have the misters on, so you can probably avoid lovely retro diseases like legionnaires…


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