Tikiphiles: Disneyland to add 'The Tropical Hideway' to Adventureland


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Seems interesting, though considering how expensive it is to go to Disney these days i’m unsure when i’d be able to go again


Rumor has it that something similar is being built along the river between Adventureland and Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom at WDW, but that it will be one of the new private “Club 33”-esque locations they’re building down there. In other words, I’ll head to Disneyland if I want a Tiki fix.

They’d be wise to do more down there to please Tikiphiles; compared to Disneyland, the WDW Trader Sam’s is tiny, and ridiculously overcrowded – two weeks ago, on a Thursday afternoon in February (not exactly the busy season), the wait to get in the door was over an hour at 4:30pm.


Is it sad that I was certain the final link was going to be a snarky reference to Charlottesvile?



It should be named Quiet Village…


Hopefully this means more than one Dole Whip station…


Sorry, Jasmine, but we know that our live action Aladdin is in no way going to revitalize your franchise.

Also it looks like the cast members are a little ahead of the schedule.


Can you order a cocktail? I know Disneyland is Dry but they made an exception for the “Be Our Guest” restaurant in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It’s just not a Tiki restaurant without a fancy cocktail in a Tiki Glass.


There’s a few more places you can get alcohol in Magic Kingdom. I don’t know if more places have been added since this article came out 2 years ago

Outside of Magic Kingdom apparently booze can also be found per that article:

Disney fans likely already know, you can buy booze at other Disney World parks, including Animal Kingdom and Epcot


I found wine & beer at Be Our Guest, Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony’s Town Square, and Skipper Canteen. No cocktails anywhere in the Magic Kingdom as of yet.

As SamWinston points out, though, Disneyland is still dry outside of Club 33, and I would be honestly shocked if they broke that tradition.


I don’t think it makes sense for Disney to have alcohol easily available at their parks. I’m sure some parents might find it an inconvenience but i don’t think i’d want to go to Disney to drink, especially if i were to go with kids.


It depends on the park and the atmosphere. I agree that I wouldn’t like to see it at Disneyland (as much as I’d like to have a tiki drink there) but the nearby Disney’s California Adventure park has an area themed like a winery, with a really pretty veranda overlooking trees and the park, and it’s a nice place to have a glass of wine and some cheese — not the kind of place kids would want to hang out anyway. Over at WDW, they’ve always had beer at the Biergarten and wine tastings in the Italy and France areas of Epcot. And while you can now get beer in the Magic Kingdom, it’s only in small quantities at a few restaurants; I doubt few people are getting drunk on expensive Belgian beers at Be Our Guest, but it’s nice to have with dinner. Disney’s realized that their parks are very popular with grownups without kids.


Isn’t that tune Poinciana?



Actually I can’t find a Martin Denny version of that.


By gum, you’re right! But similar.


Just get a variety of Tiki Mugs and fill them with a Dry Mai Tai, or POG. or any variant of the usual fruity drinks sans alcohol. No worries.




I think Lemmy said something along the lines that you only get a hangover when you get sober again, so…