Disneyland: A visit to Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

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Love Trader sam’s. A friend of mine calls it his second favorite ride at Disneyland (after pirates of the Caribbean). It’s great that it’s so small. It has limited capacity so you never feel crowded once you’re in. That can mean there’s a line or wait on weekend evenings, but there’s a good chance you can walk right in late on a weeknight or during the day.


Tacky souvenir drinkware is kind of my and Mr. Bells’ thing, so naturally we did this last time we were at Disneyland. They didn’t have THOSE glasses though. We got the Uh Oa! in a big … tub thing? And some other tiki head glass.


Went there for the first time just last week! And probably shouldn’t have had two drinks because I threw a bunch of cash for the Shrunken Head mug.

NOTE: You don’t have to order that drink to get that mug. You can order any drink and they’ll sell you any mug you want. At least that’s what my skipper did.

You could just go in and probably just buy a mug.

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A shelf I made (admittedly I kinda ripped off the design from something I found online). Most of the mugs here are from trader Sam’s except the Jabba and salacious crumb, Raphael, and the monkey head is from the Indiana Jones themed bar (jock Lindsey’s hanger bar in Disney springs). Most of the mugs have gone through a few editions with different colors. The white barrel is the first “shipwreck on the rocks” mug


One of my favorite trader sam’s mugs is from the Florida location. They made a nautilus themed bowl. (This isn’t my photo Although I do have one). Maybe ironically this was released after the 20000 leagues ride was removed from Disney world. Or not. I guess it’s a tribute to that lost ride.


When I attended blizzcon in 2017, I visited this bar a few times. Bought the shrunken head and the hitchhiking ghosts mugs. I’m saving getting a Trader Sam’s barrel one for the next time I’m there.

It’s worth remembering you can buy the drinks without the mugs for pretty much standard cocktail prices at places like this ($15 or so).

I’ve made it a point to use my shrunken head mug every halloween from now on. I just fill it with dark rum and a splash of pepsi max or dr pepper.

Edit: Eep, I’ve just looked on ebay to see how much they’re going for. My 2017 hitchhiking ghosts one is going for almost £100 :S

What I’ve noticed in the past few years is that Disney has really dialed in their merch. Meaning, they are giving us what we want.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. Is “dialing it in” like “phoning it in”? But that generally means not really trying and doing the bare minimum, which isn’t what you’re implying.

Opposite. More like “ fine tuning”. I’d agree they really are making awesome merch these days. In Star Wars land you can buy a “restraint bolt” magnet and that little lamp yoda steals from Luke. Attention to detail.

I love Trader Sam’s, and am quite envious of Disneyland’s relatively spacious tiki digs; the Trader Sam’s at Walt Disney World is tiny and there’s often a multi-hour wait to get in. Especially if there’s a new mug on offer.

Also, Disneyland’s Trader Sam’s has one of my favorite unique tiki drinks, the Angolada (picture a piña colada with tons of angostura bitters), and will happily make the ‘new’ or ‘old’ versions of the Kungaloosh.

(I prefer the upbeat version.)

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