They're tearing down the Adventurer's Club

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Tweens? This does not sound quite appropriate for unaccompanied tweens, even if they ban swearing.

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Apparently you need to be 21 to buy a drink in Florida, so tweens does sound unlikely.

Now DAOITMK will have to be an alternate future novel. Unless it’s rebuilt at some point.


Even if the club is dry, and it probably is, I can think of several kinds of people who might be attracted to a “tween club” but should not be permitted within 1000 feet.

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so why did it close (whenever it did, several years back), and why were the bean counters so obtuse about its potential?

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Either degradation or they need someplace to put their new IP’s.

The Adventurer’s Club was, in my opinion, the most entertaining and creative show on the whole Disney property, and easily the best thing about Pleasure Island / Downtown Disney. The performers were top-notch improv artists, the sets were magical, and it was a pleasure to just be there, listening to Col. Critchlow Suchbench order his favorite drink (“The Critchlow! Tanqueray Gin, Boodles Gin, and Beefeater Gin.” …“No vermouth, sir?” …“Gah! And ruin it??”)

I’d heard rumors for years that it was still partially running, doing shows for cast events and special parties. I’m more than sad to see it go.



@doctorow, you made me sad today.

Our favorite watering hole. Such a great place.

I understand that some of things (like the bar stools) and other memorabilia have found a new home at Trader Sam’s at the Poly…and the Trader Sam’s at Disneyland Hotel in CA.

The clubs were dance clubs that did check ID for drinks…but very much marketed to the 90’s “Rave” juice and xtc set. I think there was one club that was over 21 only tho. But they had 2 dance clubs 8-tracks and Mannequins and if that wasn’t enough they had a big street party dance thing at midnight.

It was the most popular club at Pleasure Island, but the entire area was so low-trafficked and unpopular (it was a separate admission to visit the district, it had a reputation as a “tween hangout”, etc) and operation costs were so high that they decided to close and revamp all of Pleasure Island. It and all of Downtown Disney are being reconstructed heavily at the moment with new clubs, new restaurants, etc. If Adventurer’s Club had been elsewhere on property – say, at Hollywood Studios, or even Animal Kingdom – it might still be open.

I’ve only been to a Disney property once in my lift; Disneyworld, just before the Worldcon was held down there. 1992, maybe?

I enjoyed it all, but the highlight was the two nights my friends and I went to the Adventurer’s Club. We took in most of the little skits, and saw two of them twice (with different cast members! They switched around.)

I hope the concept is resurrected somewhere else.


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First GE Carousel of the Future (Carousel of Progress) and now the Adventurer’s Club? :sob: Sure…ax my favorites…

And yet the Small World still stands? :confounded: What’s next the tiki room? Nemo’s sub?

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