Star Wars tiki mugs from Mos Eisley Kon-Tiki Bar

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My friend does pin striping, car art stuff, and loves drawing tiki stuff. She’s done a lot of cool tikis on metal flasks. VERY talented.

We collectively squeed over these. I just need the Fett, poor girl wants the set.


And I was just asking myself, “who would even want these?”

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yeah, we were on the Star Wars Day at Sea cruise a couple weeks ago… we just happened to get that cruise… we aren’t huge Star Wars nuts like some of the people on the cruise, but I got to get my picture taken with Boba Fett, and that was about all the Star Wars I needed…


A person dressed as Boba Fett, or Jeremy Bulloch?

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ha ha! unfortunately, just a person dressed as Boba Fett… but for my level of fandom, that was was cool enough.


Did you know yesterday was “Shut up and take my money!” day?

AKA May the Fourth.


Normally I order something Star Wars from ThinkGeek this time of year to get the free pin.

This year, though, there’s nothing that remotely interests me.

There is no way these are canon!

/waves hand
These aren’t the mugs you’re looking for.


Pre-ordered mine yesterday :smiley:

I hear he’s a rare photo/signature to have. Not that I’m into that stuff or anything…

Not that rare. He does a lot of conventions. I have two thing signs so far. He is coming back this year, so I guess I’ll get another one…

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What’s a droid doing in the bar? If Star Wars taught me anything it’s that droids aren’t allowed in bars in Mos Eisley.

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Maybe it was “Luau Night” on Jabba’s sail barge.

wait…how was that not this week…you know actual star wars day, may the 4th?

i love love love tiki and i love star wars, not sure those are a chocolate in my peanut butter winning combo though.

i think i’d rather have tiki stuff in the style of the stuff in the space cantinas in star wars then of the iconic figures themselves.


hmm… good question. But it lined up nicely with the kids’ spring break, so…

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What about peanut butter on your chocolate?

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it was from an instagram account of a character briefly seen in a comic book adaptation of one of the Star Wars Universe novels…


Am I wrong in assuming that we pretty much only see robots, aliens, & full body armor characters in Star Wars merch like this because Disney/Lucasfilm doesn’t want to deal with likeness rights? Because an Obi-Wan or a Han Solo mug would be pretty great.