Disneyland's original prospectus revealed!

I don’t think I am aligning myself with anyone, but I do enjoy many of Disney’s creations. I mean really - recoil in horror? They use their power to try to retain creative rights and trademarks. The company can be a bully, and they are very protective of their IP, but come on. They aren’t grinding babies into protein shakes. For someone claiming logic as their tool, you’re sounding a bit emotional about it.

Again, I don’t expect you show any individual effort at distancing yourself from a corporation whose output you enjoy, even if they aren’t doing some over-the-top-thing you pulled from your rather dark imagination.

Taking a stand means sacrifice. You’ve obviously made your choice, performing your dutiful role as the groomed consumer. And people wonder how they manage to maintain their power. Thousands and thousands of people just like you, who don’t think “it’s such a big deal”.

Enjoy your monoculture, provided by your benevolent overlords, of course…

Sorry, you lost me at “jerkface.” How does the name-calling further your point exactly? And perhaps you should pay more attention to that jerkface and get your facts straight: Beck devoted several hours to this topic well over a year ago when he announced that he bought the prospectus, he read it on the air and showed the map, and I believe he exhibited them in an Americana museum display that was part of one of his stage shows. So far from showing no inclination to share them, he brought them to the attention of millions of listeners and viewers, in contrast to your 26 readers.


Walt Disney “struggled with depression”?

I’ve never heard that asserted before. Source?

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