Display case with false bookcase doors


Alternate contents:

Shrine to Elder Gods, with Raspberry Pi providing unearthly sounds and flashes of light.

Fog machine, and small LCD screen displaying howling purple vortex to another plane.



The cabinet of curiosities has a long history. Furniture expert John Bly of the Antiques Road Show said that the modern sense of a political cabinet of ministers came from the closeness of friends that you would allow to see what you’d collected in your cabinet, a few hundred years ago.

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That’s odd, I used to have a cabinet full of ministers in the basement.

But seriously, this is nice. I’d like to build something like it, but I could never bring myself to saw so many books in halve. Even really crappy ones.


I would like to elect myself for adoption by this man. Mom, Dad, I love you guys but seriously, where is my cabinet of curiosities??? Hmmm???


Most excellent!

Can we have a check-back in 20someodd years to see what type of marvelous adult this child becomes?

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Yes, where is it?

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OTOH they just encouraged you to build yourself a cabinet to hide your curiosities from them.

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