Marvelous 18th century secretary cabinet


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That doesn’t look nearly big enough to put a secretary in.


I can’t find my checkbook half the time in my current desk. I’d never find it in this one. But, I’d have fun looking.


Seen before – a websearch will find other cabinetry by the same builders with similar delightful mechanisms – but, yeah, want.

Wouldn’t quite fit into my library as it stands. But maybe something less ornate…

You fool, you gotta chop them up and put each piece in one of the thousand different cubby holes.


Crap, I would ne’er get anything done.


Reminds me of the excellent IOS series of games The Room The creators must have seen desks like this when coming up with the idea.

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The firewalls on those old Roentgens are terrible, though. After a couple of months, the easel gets all jammed up with pamphlets that say EXPANDE YOURE PENYS! in 72pt gothic type, and the secret compartments inexplicably disappear all your stuff.


This thing is astounding.

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I wonder what it would take to make a LEGO Technic version of this… :smile:

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