Astounding showpiece table full of hidden compartments nested in hidden compartments

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Decades of playing video games led me to expect that solving the rotating ring puzzle would unlock something else.


Which reminds me: the Room 3 should be out soon. Rooms 1 (which is astonishing like this piece of furniture) and 2 justified the price of my iPad on their own…


We should ban these. Obviously just a fancy thing to hide your weeeeeed in.


You didn’t hear the chime?

It clearly unlocked something in another room.


To illustrate my point over on the Bob Ross thread, this guy is clearly not the Bob Ross of woodworking.

Hi Cory, thanks for the nice post. I’ve got the website bandwidth issue fixed, wasn’t expecting so much traffic so suddenly.

For anyone interested the circular puzzle was done just for fun for the client, he wanted something to play with and this is what I came up with.


Fuck! My car just started and drove away on its own!

Sure, it’s all well and good until someone solves the Lament Configuration.


If you haven’t yet, check out this interview with the developer (audio | article). It’s fascinating, and surprisingly uplifting.

Also, are those coins really large or is that table/his hands really small?

More likely coke. Didn’t you see the convenient fold-down mirror and stack of bills ready for rolling into a snort tube?

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Crap…Another place to forget where I put my keys.

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More like another 3 dozen places where you might have put your keys… That you know about. There could be even more places that are totally seekrit!


Amazing! Does it come with the giant coins or are those extra?

I love the design. It means I can pile as much stuff as I want on top and still access the interior.

Has anyone checked to see if El Chapo is in there?

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