Return to the creepy thrills and intriguing puzzles of The Room

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They’ve outdone themselves with this one. No spoilers but even after finishing it I’ve spent the past few days finding all the secrets and had an absolute blast. Some very tricksy stuff in there.

I really hope The Room 4 is in VR

I’m sad that this has nothing to do with Tommy Wiseau…


I have to say that I disagree with the enthusiasm- it’s still a fun game, but the puzzles are much more simplistic in my mind than the previous two iterations. Lots of ‘huh, ok, so now I got this piece, and it goes in this other room, and that gets me another piece that goes in yet another room.’ Very little about it felt as creative or challenging as the first one.

Damn, is that a tetrahedral Lament Configuration?

Came here for Tommy too, left disappoint.

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