Gorgeous glass cabinets of curiosity

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Beautiful stuff. Reminds me of the Glass Flowers, although those are unfortunately showing their age these days.


Even more reminiscent of their glass sea urchins, a bunch of which were on display at Baltic recently.

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Seeing those was a transformative experience for me. Just shattering.


Beautiful. I’d like to see a making of video.

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These are lovely and so beautifully made, but to me the minimalism somewhat reduces the impact. At a the straight-up visual level, collections and displays with no text/information with them gives the appearance (to me) of pointless (or even destructive) collecting for the sake of having shiny geegaws rather than for learning or appreciating at any more depth than superficial. At the artistic level, I know it’s not the direction he wanted to go, but text plaques can be clean and matching and minimalist too, and fictional/fantastical items lend themselves to fictional/fantastical stories. I think the collections would suck me in deeper if was more like a scientific or museum display (or many cabinets of curiosities), where there is “informational” text that tantalizingly gives a taste of the much bigger picture of the world.
Now that I think of it, actual museum displays with minimal information bug me too :smile:
And it’s still lovely :smile:

They’re pretty, but for myself I like the idea of a clutter and dusty cabinet of curiousities, full of weird and wonderful things.

I’d LOVE to have those tubes that look like they are full of jellyfish.

This is a lovely curiosity cabinet, but not nearly enough skulls for my tastes! :skull:

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