Watch these glassblowing experts make enormous glass cocoons


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I’ll bet they never even considered glassinhaling.


An essential part in my artistic effort is to be suggestive without being determined. I am interested in how I relate to things, and how they relate to me.

Which to me is just a fancy, artistic, convoluted way of saying “I thought it would be cool! So I did it!”


bit like throwing porcelain
…( the bbc have completed a second year series on ‘the great pottery throw down’)


This museum is not far from my daughter’s college and every time we pass by the exit she is begging me to go with her. I’m going to have to plan a trip there with her next year.


Throwing porcelain is like throwing with cream cheese; very little wall strength to speak of, because the particles are so fine.


The Corning Museum is worth it for the demonstrations and the hands-on stuff. Great trip if you pass through the area.


As a semi-professional artist, let me tell you straight up: Everyone gets very disappointed if you say “I just thought it would be cool.” People really do want to hear the fancy artist talk, and we’re all conditioned into using it.


Thought that said “condoms” for a second.



Hey @AndreaJames, the artist’s last name, second letter is an “L”, not an “i”, according to the YT page:



Thanks! Fixed the wrong ones, kept the right one!


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