Watch glassblowers craft a massive vessel for 90 minutes

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Would love to watch, but doing so in blog view is a painful experience. Would you mind fixing the embed code?

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They have a camera in the freaking oven!

Edit: I was not the only one surprised, they talk about it @ 41’40" (hint, it’s not in the oven… duh.)


Why don’t they just 3D print the thing?

The MC is really good. I’ve wanted to visit this museum for a while but never had a reason to be in the area.

A massive vessel for 90 minutes? Turns out you can put time in a bottle.

At 24:46 he briefly touches the hot glass and soon thereafter the narrator explains why he didn’t get a hideous burn.


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I’ve been there once, a few years back, and I want to go back; it’s really, really awesome.

That video (and the commentary!) are absolutely top-notch.

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