Disruptive Pattern Material: definitive work of all things camouflage


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Disruptive really is the new new black, isn’t it?

It’s not half as stylish, though, is it? Still, the leopard would do well to leave its shorts alone.

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Who knew WWII ships were painted in angular op-art “dazzle” patterns?

Well, JWZ for one.


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I just sat down to read this post, when my girlfriend asked, “what’s going on on the internet honey?”

From behind me. On the couch, where a chance combination of clothing had made her completely invisible.

Off topic, I suppose. But apropos.

Dazzle camouflage was first introduced in WWI

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Yeah I love the Dazzle camo schemes.

and also

Hmmm, yes. But with markedly less dying/punching.

I did startle a bit, though.

Typo: “Few other books on the subject exists” should read “Few other books on the subject exist”

I think they do exist, but are just really, really difficult to spot.


yow - 900 bucks on ebay - http://www.ebay.com/itm/DPM-Disruptive-Pattern-Material-An-Encyclopaedia-of-Camouflage-Hardy-Blechman-/231310295948

She’s almost as good as LL Cool J at couch-flage.

This is the pic that I always think of when the term urban warfare comes up:

319 moneys?! I want it but not that much.


About the Author
Hardy Blechman, the Creative Director of Maharishi, a fashion design company, has been influential in the proliferation of camouflage and combat pants in civilian fashion over the past decade.

Wonder if he worked at Blue Ant?

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