Distance of the shot was not 81 meters

Continuing the discussion from Stabilized, interpolated, panoramic footage of JFK’s assassination:

Was he 81 meters from the ground floor? 81 meters down the road from the center of the building or the corner? Then you have to take the hypoteneuse of the right triangle with short side = the distance from the building to the center of the lane the care was in and long side = those 81 meters and use that value as one side of a right triangle with the other side the distance from the ground to the window then take the hypoteneuse of that triangle to get the distance of the shot. I don’t have distance from door to center of the lane, or I’d calculate it out. In any case I am sure the shot was more than 81 meters. Not arguing against Oswald’s ability/non-ability to make the shot, just making the mathematical point - it’s so important to be accurate when discussing forensic stuff especially.

Technically correct (the best kind of correct!) but pretty close to irrelevant right here.
If the 81 m was the distance on the ground and the windowsill of the 6th floor window was say 20 m above ground that’d give you a shooting distance of 83-point-something meters.

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Clearly it was a UN plot. Just look, they used meters.

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Nah, no reports of black helicopters over Dallas that day.

I can’t remember what show this is from, something on History I think, but the recreation done by some Australians (of all people) is damn amazing.

They used an identical rifle with vintage rounds, I believe finding some from the same Lot number as Oswald’s. They had these human replicas made that include bone and organs - much more accurate than just a block of ballistics gel. Their shot was nearly identical to the assassination. The two differences were it hit two ribs instead of one, which deformed the bullet more, and because of that it didn’t have enough energy to enter the thigh.

The first part is prep of the body replicas, the second shows the shot.

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