Stabilized, interpolated, panoramic footage of JFK's assassination


Still gut-wrenching, maybe even more so.

And it makes me think once again: LHO was one hell of an incredibly good shot. I mean, not to open that barrel of worms again, but the accuracy does strain my credulity.

I think it’s just the Zapruder film, not multiple films. Awful, awful, awful, but compelling.

Yep. More than anything else, that’s what keeps the seed of doubt in my head about the Warren Commission’s conclusions–it seems like a pair of impossibly accurate shots. But I’m convinced, at least, that they came from the direction of the schoolbook depository.

Well, he did get help from aliens.

This seems like a good place to mention JFK Reloaded, the FPS/Sim enthusiast’s slightly-disturbing best friend for obsessive analysis of the incident. An interesting game-as-historical-commentary piece, plus Joe Lieberman loathed it.

It’s sort of the ‘X-Plane’ of the JFK assassination.

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The House Select Committee on Assassinations did indeed find it a conspiracy based on audio evidence of a forth shot, therefor 2nd gunman.

Agreed, it’s just Zapruder. And the interpolation doesn’t make it “less reliable”, it just presents areas that are panned across in a static way so as to show spacial context. Apart from the car turning into a long black smear at the end, it seems very reliable so long as you don’t assume anything is real-time outside of Zapruder’s shot window.


New evidence! Conspiracy theorists rejoice!

On the other hand, the networks that cover NFL games have been doing this for at least two years to jazz up replays. So the results may represent reality better than one would initially think.

I mean, not to open that barrel of worms again, but the accuracy does strain my credulity.

From wikipedia:
“During his Marine Corps service in December 1956, Oswald scored a rating of sharpshooter (twice achieving 48 and 49 out of 50 shots during rapid fire at a stationary target 200 yards [183 m] away using a standard issue M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle)”

Kennedy was 81 meters away from the book depository when the fatal shot hit him


Mark blogged about this technique in 2008:

Once you stabilize the bigfoot film, it’s clearly a guy in a monkey suit.

Those pictures are goddamn creepy. They’re just snapshots of a person, but when you know what happens a few minutes later it’s really damn hard to see them that way.

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But, he wasn’t a “stationary target,” was he? Ah HA!

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The 4th shot audio evidence has been debunked


Poor Jackie Kennedy. I know we’ve all seen this footage hundreds of times, but my heart still aches when I see her leaning over to ask him if he’s ok just before he gets shot in the head.


it seems like a pair of impossibly accurate shots.

Kennedy was only 81m away when the fatal shot hit him, the best snipers can hit targets over 10x further than that, take Army sniper Adelbert F. Waldron:

“One afternoon he was riding along the Mekong River on a Tango boat when an enemy sniper on shore pecked away at the boat. While everyone else on board strained to find the antagonist, who was firing from the shoreline over 900 meters away, Sergeant Waldron took up his sniper rifle and picked off the Vietcong out of the top of a coconut tree with one shot (this from a moving platform). Such was the capability of our best sniper.”

That’s 900m away from a moving boat…


What gets me even more is imagining what she must’ve been feeling while climbing out over the back of the car.


I mean, yes, I know that trained military snipers often make shots that are much more difficult (e.g., the Seal Team snipers firing three simultaneous shots between two moving platforms during the rescue of Maersk Alabama’s Captain Phillips). But I’ve seen conflicting suggestions about Oswald’s abilities as a sharpshooter, and I don’t know how the rifle and scope Oswald used compare with military sniper rifles.

The other thing I’m still curious about is why Oswald didn’t fire when Kennedy was coming directly up Houston toward the schoolbook depository–it looks like a much easier shot.

Yeah, but is it really a rule in ‘assassination for dummies’ that you must get off three shots as fast as possible? What’s the hurry? The Jackal appeared to be content with only the one for deGaulle.

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