RFK Jr. calls for a new investigation into his father's assassination

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If it keeps him occupied and away from spreading nonsense about vaccines, I’m all for him becoming obsessed with this.


Wasn’t aware about this but I also didn’t know the RFK assassination was a conspiracy.

I mean - what new evidence?

  1. You can count casings/recovered guns/bullets. This shouldn’t be “new” evidence.

  2. You can recover bullets and compare rifling (this is not a 100% science, but you can often times rule out matches).

  3. You can get shot in the back by instinctually turning away from an aggressor at your front.

  4. You can reload a weapon fairly quickly to fire more shots if that 13 number was accurate. NVM, looks to be a revolver, which you can still load quickly with speed loaders, but that is less likely. Though going in pirate style with more than one weapon would work.

  5. Say there was a 2nd shooter, odds are it would have been the same faction as the first, or would one suggest two factions just so happened to attack at the exact same time? This would be why Sirhan would claim not remembering - easy out to give up an accomplice.

  6. Not that eye witnesses are 100% reliable, but I assume there would have been more people that would have seen and stopped a 2nd shooter? I guess if you were a G man you might blend in. But again, two attackers at the same time either requires an astronomical coincidence, or a very well crafted conspiracy - which usually isn’t the case.


It also doesn’t help that the shooter has been in alive in custody for decades.

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I read about this years ago, and I remember there were quite a few bits that didn’t add up. I suppose it’s Kennedy’s right to one day hope to say, “You killed my father; prepare to die.”

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Has there ever been a high-profile assassination that wasn’t widely believed to be part of a vast conspiracy and possible coverup?


That time when video killed the radio star?


Perhaps there’s new evidence of several coincidences with a famous assassinated person from a century or two ago. Like they both had teachers named Ms. Krabapel. Those sorts of things never fail to convince me that SOMETHING BIGGER IS GOING ON.

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Abraham Lincoln? I think our complicated times tend to make people think that hugely impactful events must also have complicated causes. But that’s a fallacy constructed by our pattern-seeking minds.

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Actually Abraham Lincoln‘s assassination WAS the result of a conspiracy involving a number of people. Just how big a conspiracy and who orchestrated it depends on who you ask. For example, there is some contention over whether Mary Surrat (the woman who ran the boarding house where the conspirators met) was actually in on the plot. She was convicted and executed just the same.


There is nothing more terrifying than the reality that deranged loners can hold such power over the course of our lives. It’s far, far more comforting to think that somewhere there is a group of nigh-omnipotent men sitting around a table plotting out the course of our history rather than acknowledge the chaos and chance that actually holds sway a lot of the time.


Oh please, that one has mind-control-ray conspiracy by radioactive mutant aliens from outer space that glow in the dark written all over it.


The credible RFK assasination theory is that Thane Cesar fired some of the shots (including the fatal one) and Sirhan was the patsy. Bob Maheu, the man who admitted to being the CIA contractor for the original Castro assassination plots circa 1960, was at that time running operations for Howard Hughes’ Vegas casino businesses. John H. Meier, an executive for Hughes and the person upon whose credibility the theory ultimately rests, said that Maheu’s security chief, Jack Hooper, introduced him to Cesar several months before the assassination. The implication is that Cesar was Maheu’s LA contact.


Total aside here, but I recently learned that the third verse of Gram Parsons’ “Sin City” was supposedly about RFK:

A friend came around, tried to clean up this town.
His ideas made some people mad.
But he trusted his crowd, so he spoke right out loud,
And they lost the best friend they had.

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Naw… the orbital mind-control lasers are run by the boy scouts. The radioactive mutant aliens are controlled by the post office.


whatever happened to David Morales? CIA guy passing a gun to his partner on surveillance tape?

That’s what they want you to think.

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JFK assassination is still a conspiracy. He fired Allan Dulles of the CIA. JFK threatened to splinter the CIA into a million pieces. If he was elected in 1964.

JFK and RFK were trying to take down the mob. Both made many enemies.

RFK knowing this lived with terrible guilt. It was known the CIA was working with mind control (operation Artichoke.) which Richard Helms Chief of the CIA had
All papers destroyed before leaving the CIA.

Sirhan Sirhan was just a patsy.



Oh-a-aho oh.