Diver attempting to swim in ash-covered lake


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I am reminded of Bruce Sterling’s first novel, Involution Ocean:

The only habitable portion of planet Nullaqua is a handful of islands at the bottom of an immense crater. Surrounding the islands is a sea of the finest dust. And in that sea live the dustwhales whose bodies yield Flare, a potent, exhilarating drug.



Welp, now I know what the other side of that portal that extends beyond the stars looks like.


You know what this is exactly like? Ever mix up Nestle Quik? You scoop in maybe too much powder and it just sits on top of the milk? You got to actively mix it up or it will just stay floating on top.


Where’s the Everlasting Dragon?


He died doing what he loved, swimming in muck


I cringed when his regulator second stage dipped repeatedly into that mess. Regular sand is bad enough about working its way into your gear, so I can only imagine what that ash slurry did to his equipment.


And what in the world compelled him to go into that mess without a serious power torch?


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