When you pee under the sea


If you think that’s impressive, watch what happens when you vomit into your regulator when scuba diving. They go nuts.


This is what your buddy’s reg is for. Bonus points if they primary-donate. :smiley:

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If you are talking about the part of the article where they go out of the main habitat to use the “hut” and go to the bathroom, I do not think they were talking about urine attracting the fish.

They made no mention of fish when they talked about divers pee’ing in their wetsuits while on extended out of habitat missions.

Wasn’t there a Bond villain with an undersea lair?

I’ve read somewhere that urinating in the water kills coral. Eco-friendly guy that I am I’d prefer to find other ways to feed the fish.

Interesting article - thanks, Maggie. The part about the decreasing quality of the meals struck me as somehow archetypical, I don’t know why. Something about scientific projects getting more utilitarian about food as they progress, maybe, I dunno.

Ear infections are also common, but antiseptic solutions made with aluminum acetate are used to take care of them quickly before the infections can worsen.

Vinegar’s probably cheaper, and certainly more readily obtainable.

Some aquanauts swear that the high-pressure environment, which is 2.5 times the normal pressure at sea level, increases healing times like hyperbaric chambers do, and that cuts can heal overnight.

I think they meant decreases.

Thunderball! You can still scuba dive on the plane if you’re in the Bahamas.

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