Divorce lawyers dole out marriage advice


I, too, have embraced being single! My focus is now on raising my beautiful daughter, taking my career to the next logical step (TBD), traveling, and being a really great friend.



Yes. This. It was just loud enough to be annoying and distracting from what they were saying.

Was it keyboards? It sounded like strings with the occasional xylophone to me. Either way. Ugh.

Since more people aren’t mentioning it, I’m guessing it’s only distracting to a certain type of person. Which I must be. Because it was.

Speaking as a child of divorce, and one hell of a tumultuous upbringing, some of the most important things I learned from my questionable role models were things to not do. Like… cocaine. Or tolerate an abusive asshole. Or cheat (although that one I learned from my first LTR when my SO cheated, but I was also a lot younger, so… lesson learned).

By no means am I perfect now; I make entirely new mistakes all the time. But I’m still married to my first/only wife and she seems to enjoy my company, and I enjoy hers. Fingers crossed.


"There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull:
How do you hold onto someone who won’t stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won’t go?"

~ Gavin D'Amato, War of the Roses


god I love that movie so much.


Me too; it’s a helluva cautionary tale.


It is the perfect embodiment of “when you are arguing about teacups, its not about teacups” on film.


I love the place where we shared our tiny grace
But just because it’s real don’t mean it’s gonna work
-The Blow

After 18 years, my best friend left. People change. Needs change. Nothing lasts forever. The key for me going forward will be to make myself happy and fulfilled whether someone wants to share time with me or not. We can’t control the other person and what they want, we can only control our own happiness.


DeVito stole every scene he was in, but then he always does. :star_struck:


Just a reminder that this does not mean that half of all people who marry get a divorce, so the odds of living out one’s life with the same spouse aren’t as daunting as they may first seem. It’s just that it’s more common for people to have multiple divorces than multiple lifelong marriages.

The average couple getting married today has something like a 30-40% chance of getting a divorce.


He was good, but some of the Roses’ fight scenes were truly epic.

Like the client fish dinner, and the vehicle battle right afterward.

My favorite exchange of the whole movie came at the end of that scene:

Oliver Rose: You weren’t even multiorgasmic before you met me, were you???

Barbara Rose: You really expect me to keep on reassuring you sexually even now, when we disgust each other?


Michael Douglas has a talent for “playing” a self-important insecure entitled asshole.


The on-screen chemistry between him and Kathleen Turner was gold. I hope the casting director got a nice bonus.


I just got done reading a review of the film that said that exact same thing, and it’s true; from Fatal Attraction to Basic Instinct to Wall Street to Disclosure.

I’m pretty sure it was Danny DeVito’s decision; he directed War of the Roses and they’d all worked together previously on Romancing the Stone.


I am thankful near every day I married the man I did. He is honestly the best husband to me and father to our daughter, more so than I ever dreamed.


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