DIY 5k monitor

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I have a 27" case for you here.


No. He put an existing 5K display into a new housing. He did not DIY a 5K monitor. Come on, you folks can do better headlines than this.

Hail, all things Apple! :roll_eyes:

What a waste of time.

If you spend more time looking at the border of your monitor than the screen: You’re doing it wrong.

Also Also:
At least he didn’t (as far as I can tell from the photo) ruin the whole thing by using a glossy screen. Apple fans typically go for the oh-so-shiny glossy screens, despite them being horrible for actual, you know, displaying of things.


Ah, but does it have the rectangular brushed metal bezels? The 27" ones I’ve seen are all the newer black-glass type. But that would also be a very handsome all-in-one.


2009/2010 I believe.


It honestly didn’t strike me that someone would look at this headline and think “Ah, someone painstakingly mined their own indium and constructed their own polyamide filters, etched the glass and cross stitched 15 million pixels in it by hand”.


I know, and I probably sounded meaner than I meant. Sorry about that. But I really had thought it would be something like he found a way to upconvert a 4k to 5k through some magical maker electronic magic, which I always find fascinating. Again, sorry for coming off as churlish.


Although the iMac may use the" same" LG panel, it most certainly goes through some extreme vetting from the Cupertino fruit company to be picked out of the lot when compared to the non-Apple LG 5K panel. In my experience, while iMac’s have terrific color profiles out of the box, every single LG “Ultrafine” I’ve ever seen was terrible, with color and contrast so askew that professional calibration could not make any of them useful.


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I really like my 21" 4k one. Not so much the color as the exceptional sharpness of 4K at such a small (desktop) panel size.

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