DIY casting calls


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Acting is a crappy business, but the world needs actors, and since we live in a time when digital production and distribution has democratized filmmaking, anyone can be a casting director.

So, how would this imply that we have not similarly democratized acting? Like most anything else, either are easy to do poorly. Being A casting director does not make one an effective casting director.

Also, I’d argue that the world doesn’t especially need actors, or casting. Does photography need models? If a person can be a great photographer without models, why can’t one make a great movie or video without featuring people in it? Most of the efforts just tend to be merely recorded plays, rather than exercises in actual visual art or storytelling.

Is this one yours?

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Well if you don’t understand the value of a thing, then logically it must have no value. QED.

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No, nothing is anyone’s.

What “thing”? What do you claim I don’t understand the value of? Perhaps you suppose value to be less subjective than I do. Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to people here answering none of my questions, and instead presuming to speak for me.

“I’d argue” =/= “I don’t understand”, unless people think it’s clever to dismiss my position without offering any of their own.

Obviously written by some dude who was stalking my college roommate. A fairly good description of her.

I was waaay in the back of a crowd scene on an episode of ‘Leverage’. The crew was pretty nice to everyone, and I got seventy five bucks to catch up on my reading for an evening.

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I was supposed to be in the second Hunger Games movie. Went to the costume fitting and everything. They said I was only gonna get fifty bucks per day, no craft services and I had to come up with my own transportation to the set. I was going to have to take the days off my real job where, I didn’t make a lot, but I was for damn sure making more than $50 and I was getting meal hook-ups there. Motherfuckers don’t want to pay, but yet the film industry pulls down the most profits domestically. Guess we know why.

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Not really. Most movies (which are, alas, no longer made with film) are not products of “the industry”. The industry is a well-documented, incestuous guild-system which uses unions (ostensibly a good thing) to bloat crews and budgets. Resulting in many redundant people paid decent amounts of money and movies costing many millions to even do simple things. The money the movie earns is then secured through a tightly-controlled distribution cartel which guaratees profits by not letting anything else play in most locations.

But the vast majority of movies made are not from Hollywood, nor part of any industry. They tend to be art projects which don’t pay any money because there is no budget and they don’t earn any. So, if you do the work of making a movie, then you earn - a realized movie. It’s really that simple. Do the work = get the results. Don’t do the work = nothing happens.

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