DIY, FOSS and/or Maker social justice projects in Seattle region?

My spouse and I expect to relocate to the Seattle area this summer where she accepted a position teaching. I’m still looking.

My professional background is social work-y + legal + managerial + advocacy for over 20 years focused on poverty and gender violence remedies. I’ve done private, state and federal grants, new projects, fixed projects, appellate advocacy, “case work” and more.

I’d like to work on a project that integrated STEM, DIY, FOSS, Maker strategy with a :smiley_cat: social justice :smiley_cat: objective, maybe in prevention? DIY Girls is super cool. EDAR too. I’m also a fan of FOSS for professional work.

I’m guessing there’s nothing. OTOH, if anybody would know, that person is probably on this bbs.

Okay to message me too. Thanks in advance. :smiley_cat:


Good luck to you!


Thank you. If it was Portland, I’d volunteer at Free Geek. :slight_smile:

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It’s not exactly SJW, but they’re big into environmental stewardship…


That is great! Thank you, I had no idea they were there. And what’s SJW?

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It’s a shame the Rain City superheroes disbanded. I bet they could have done with someone making crime-fighting gadgets for them :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of makerspace type places, but I’m not sure any of them have a social justice slant.

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Maybe I could volunteer there if there was enough intersection of interests … like the edar units for unsheltered people … or an after-school STEM classes for kids integrated with a violence prevention curriculum.

And Rain City Superheroes? Please say more …

Thinking of makery type places got me these:

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Social justice warrior…

Good luck on the move! Hopefully your wives teaching job will be great and you’ll find something awesome too!

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Thank you!


It’s fantastic to have leads and a way to meet people and learn about what they’re doing. Thank you!

Why weren’t the super heroes patrolling the corporate super villains?

As is, they must’ve been often confused with the super well-intentioned church folk.

Or …

Freegeek-seattle exists.

Here’s the Free Geek Seattle wiki


Thank you! You have helped me so much. I’m grateful. FGS appears to be in transition. I emailed the address I found about intersections betwee free software and networking with social justice work (esp. to end gender-based violence) in Seattle. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

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