DIY Spider-Man web shooter but for hand sanitizer

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Coronavirus can be caught through the eyes, so this is the perfect device for sanitizing the eyes of people who don’t wear masks.


That’s really cool, actually. Seems like it could evolve into a marketable product. I’d take one.

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Needs to get together with this guy


But is there any way to combine it with the gun that shoots masks and buy it at a really nice discount from the Asking for a friend. cough (no not that kind of cough, the other kind)


That’s a very considerate and responsible gadget. One might say that with great responsibility comes…


Now it just needs a pilot light.


It’s possible one could hack the Amazon buy it now button to place an order either to Amazon with the affiliate link or replace the amazon link entirely to send an order to the BB store.

ETA: I misread your comment. But I still stand buy my solution for re-ordering masks directly from the gun as it is used… :stuck_out_tongue:

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@pesco cool except the video auto plays in blog view. Bad form.

“Still, where did the lighter fluid hand sanitizer come from?”

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Man - aerosolizing alcohol is probably not quite as flammable as lighter fluid, but given a little spark these could become wrist activated flame throwers. I’m not even saying that would be a defect…

I will say that I’ve given up on not touching contaminated things in public. I just assume that once I leave my house, my hands are covered in viruses at all times until I can wash them again. Having a mask on is a good reminder to not touch my face.


Get some small spray bottles and fill them with alcohol at the appropriate percentage (70% or higher). No need for the aloe since you’ll be spraying surfaces and not your hands. The CDC also suggests dilute bleach

Not as cool looking as a wrist/hand mounted shooter, but maybe a little more practical for daily tasks.

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