DNA solves 529-year mystery: Yes, remains of King Richard III really were buried in a parking lot


Or, rather, a parking lot was paved over the remains of King Richard III.


“Found under a parking lot” would be a bit more accurate than "buried in a parking lot"as the parking lot post dates the the burial by several hundred years.

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Honestly, Britain can’t be expected to keep track of all its famous dead people. You can put a plaque up or something, but it takes more than playing a leading part in the Middle Ages and being immortalised in Shakespeare plays to get your own bit of land after you die. I recently passed John Harvard’s parents’ place in London. He may have a university named after him in the US, but he just owned a pub in London . There just isn’t the space for that kind of sentimentality.

And to think all he did to get Harvard College named after him was donate a few trunks of books. The average resident of Cambridge, Mass, USA does that every 4 years.

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Even with a population just over 100k, that is a huge number of books.

'Don’t it always seem to go,

That you don’t know what you’ve got 'til it’s gone,

They paved (the last) Plantagenet,

And put in a parking lot.’

…I’ll just show myself out.


Exactly what I was thinking. If it were as in the headline, that would indeed be a super awesome story. But he was buried in a field that became a car park 500 years later. Not quite as awesome.

Was there a horse with him? And a receipt for a kingdom?


Change the headline from “buried” to “found”, and you’ve lost none of the irony, and it becomes much more accurate.

What I find suprising is that when they ‘tracked down’ Greyfriars Church, it was on Grey Friars Street. Whouldathunkit?


Given the houses I’ve seen which are not on the street given in their address (not uncommon in older neighbourhoods), it wasn’t a foregone conclusion, either.

Just before coming here, to see this article, I read an article about the parentage connections, and was filled with phrases like this one:

“Although it is impossible to say when the affair happened, if it occurred around the time of Edward III (1312- 1377) it could call into question whether kings like Henry VI, Henry VII and Henry VIII had royal blood, and therefore the right to rule.”

I boggle at the thought that anyone in this day and age seriously believes anybody has any right to rule based on their parentage.

I mean, I suspect some of these people are using the terms loosely to mean something like “under the legal strictures that were in place at the time he should not have been king,” but there was an air of earnestness about the whole thing that bothers me.

(Related, lately, now whenever I watch a movie or something where the plot is the “rightful heir” is deposed and needs to be returned to the throne, I can’t bring myself to sympathize too much with the protagonists… I mean, sure, if the current ruler is an oppressive douche, get rid of him, but I don’t see any good reason YOU need to be in place there. What the hell is wrong with you, why aren’t you starting a democracy already? That’s what I want from my Disney movies these days, the princess realizing, “Uh, isn’t it kind of unfair that I live in wealth and luxury and get to make life and death decisions over all these people who are struggling to get by, based solely on who my parents are? Let’s change this system.”)

I’ve got nothing against the current Royal Family of England, they make a fine tourist attraction and cultural landmark, but they’re no more inherently important than, say, Doctor Who, or the apparent current American Royal Family equivalent, the Cardassians (however you spell it, I can’t be bothered to look it up). (I want to note that I do not want to indicate that I was comparing the overall classiness and respective quality of these examples… clearly, Doctor Who is best, followed by the British Royals, followed by the US reality TV stars… but in terms of inherent meaning and imporantness, they’re pretty much the same… with Doctor Who having a slight edge).

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