Do Androids Dream of Electric Victim-Blamers?


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Voight-Kampff Empathy Test, 2015 edition

Leon was on one hell’ava bummer trip.


Holy shit.

That was fucking perfect.


That’s actually a documentary on Fox News viewers.


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What’s brilliant about the All Lives Matter campaign is that it inherently debases it self and suggests that No Lives Matter More Than The Other or Even At All.
It’s almost spooky.



Shoot the tortoise a couple of dozen times to neutralize it as a threat?


Brilliant, just brilliant!



But I have that problem in other online conversations, too. People often come across like robots programmed with only a small selection of strictly limited, socially approved compassion, and a seemingly limitless ability to ignore or condemn all other points of view. Hopefully that’s an artifact of the communications method, since I don’t see it as much offline.


It’s been a long time since I read the book, but I seem to recall that empathy to animals (even robot animals) was really, really important. Akin to a religious rite, almost.


The book is very different from the film. Both are brilliant masterworks.
But you remember correctly.


If you can’t shoehorn the facts to fit your ideology, then the facts must not be factual. They are propaganda created by the ( liberal | corporate ) media.


This should also be in an other thread. (Sandy Hook)
Seems somebody has trouble fitting shoes.


It wasn’t his fault!

The tortoise made him kill!


Beep Boop does. not. compute… Beep Boop

Error Error Error Error…a.da…

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