Amy Walker impersonates Trump to empathize with him

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Such a courageous attempt at compassion that you must make a YouTube video of it for all the world to see and share and admire. Such a bold move.


He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. —Nietzsche


I mean, I guess. If it’s for your own good.

But I have a policy of not empathizing with sociopaths and psychopaths. It’s a waste of psychic energy, and they’re unequipped to reciprocate or benefit from empathy outside of using other’s empathy to take advantage of them.


It kind of reminds me of Reichian therapy, for whatever that’s worth…

You sound upset. We’re here if you need to talk.


Basically, I don’t empathize with psychopaths and sociopaths for the same reason I don’t empathize with leopards and sharks.


Leopards? What absolute pussycats!

Now sharks. Yeah I’m with you - cartilaginous cold fish.

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Although I am looking forward to trying the new Amy Walker Orange
Scotch whisky.


“When you go to women, take a whip” - Nietzsche.

I do feel that anything that dead weirdo says has to be examined very, very carefully.[quote=“LDoBe, post:7, topic:93450, full:true”]
Basically, I don’t empathize with psychopaths and sociopaths for the same reason I don’t empathize with leopards and sharks

Yes, how do you empathise with something that doesn’t experience emotion? You have to imagine what it would be like not to have all the usual feelings of “I wouldn’t do that because it would hurt somebody/make me feel bad for telling lies”, but that isn’t empathy. It’s attempted apathy. (i.e. instead of “feeling with”, “not feeling”.)


Just don’t stare too long.


I’d also just like to point out that with the knowledge of modern physics, Nietzsche was obviously wrong. You don’t gaze into the abyss, you receive photons from it. No photons, no message. No spooky action at a distance either.
Or to quote SMBC “This is why physicists aren’t allowed in philosophy seminars.”




You must admit she spent the first ten minutes talking about herself. Although subtle, this may have been the strongest part of her Trump impression.


It’s actually quite a scary mental exercise to try.

Here in the UK, The Tory party rarely makes any sense whatsoever. However, if you put on a mental ‘Tory thinking hat’ where you promote things that benefit both you and your friends (if all extremely wealthy) above all else and don’t care on the effects on others, then it makes a lot of (but quite horrible) sense.

The less horrible ‘hat’ is if you accept neo-liberal economics as something that works. It doesn’t (for anyone but the wealthy) but if you do believe it it’s not necessarily because you’re a horrible person, just someone who got suckered by discredited thinking… This group of people i actually feel sorry for.


Considering we’ve given neoliberalism more than 30 years to “start working”, I’d say its your own fault if you don’t see it’s a scam designed to make the wealthy richer by taking from the less well off.


I mostly agree, but wall to wall promotion of neoliberalism alongside TINA (There Is No Alternative) has a lot to answer for…

I struggle to argue against it with my parents, as they get 100% of their political coverage via TV… Those without relatives arguments have no chance if they’re not clued up on the internet.


Examining history is often an uncomforable thing.

“What will we and our daughters suffer if these degraded black men are allowed to have the rights that would make them even worse than our Saxon fathers?” --Elizabeth Cady Stanton