Empath vs Sociopath - classic battles


I never knew. I really, really never knew.


What’s this about?


You are playing with fire. Be careful…

EDIT: Or maybe I have just gotten confused and misinterpreted this topic as something that it isn’t. <-[This seems very likely right now. I clearly should have looked before I lept :confounded:]


I grew up with a guy who is diagnosably a complete psychopath. @TailOfTruth is right. Interacting with psychopaths is always playing with fire. Their mirror-neuron system is broken, and because of that they have no sense of empathy AT ALL, and will often even take pleasure in causing suffering to others without reason. They are almost a different species. They are social and emotional predators, and if I never interact with a psychopath again, it’ll be too soon.


Is there a new Rap Battle of History that nobody told me about?


#But I want to help you by ending your meaningless suffering!




I’ve got one in my life. I’m an empath.

The experience is turning very bad.


See, I never knew to define relationships in that frame…

Everything that’s been going on - and it’s been bad, and blamey - is summarised in these presentations I’m reading online about empath vs sociopath.


MrPants has to deal with a couple psychopaths from time to time, and he won’t be alone in the room with them.
MrPants is one of the most outgoing gregarious generous funny people you’ll ever meet, and very smart, but even he won’t let them try to talk him without someone there to witness it. Arm yourself. And be very very careful.


Yeah, that’s the thing.


Perhaps a beneficial empathetic experience for everyone would be your trying to understand how they feel about being shot from a distance by you with a rifle? /s

srsly tho that sucks


There’s an excellent documentary on the CBC, I, Psychopath. About “Dr.” Sam Vaknin, who for years claimed to be a narcissist spilling the dirt on NPD, but in actuality is a moderate psychopath.

As a doc its not that good, because the director gets too close, and starts being the target/victim of Vaknin, so the film takes a surreal turn with the subject shifting from Vaknin to the director. So as a doc about psychopaths its not that good, but as a doc about how easy it is to be manipulated by a psychopath and how they can fuck you up so easily without even trying, its really really good.

If you search you can find the whole thing online I’m sure. Maybe take a break and watch it?


That’s scary and awful news. It sucks to feel unsafe.


I call them family. I have two in mine.

2.5 years and 1.5 years since last contact, respectively.


Yes. They really do.

Become a gray stone.

Talk about your new brand of cat shampoo, and your stamp collection.



I read the first sentence of one of his pieces and spotted that immediately. I’m sure there is overlap, but that dude is just an average psycho. (dont’t ever elevate one psycho over another, you will start a competition).

Oh the stories I have. And that I try really really hard to not remember.


He used to have a forum for people dealing with NPD that I hung out on, and he would engage people and give them such terrible advice! The only good thing was people started up alternate forums away from him where they could actually help each other. Its a good doc. You should watch it. He gets really really upset that he doesn’t score 100/100 on the tests, he’s high, and he’s definitely a psychopath, but he’s not the worst (best?) one there is and holy shit does it bother him.


I dated one, too (see: family of origin issues, and moving past them). And then left (not knowing then about not ever ever naming the monster to its face, ever). I watched a charming soulless broken creature dance amongst my oldest friends - seducing husbands or wives as needed, creating webs of lies to turn people against one another, using stage makeup to fake injuries to garner sympaty from less wise people…

Sick. Just sick. All you can do in a civilized society is walk away and hope for the day they meet a bigger one. Any hope for such an outcome must be left behind as well. I know no other way out of the maze than this.


Yeah, I’ve worked that last bit of advice out! I’m on-siding them and showing a bit of tooth but not too much when aggressed.

But am utterly, utterly incredulous at the appearance of energy volumes that flow into screwing people up. From my rational perspective it makes no sense. But then again, none of this does.