Do fidget spinners actually help people with ADHD?

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We used to use these to burn up all the magic in a neighborhood.

One guy in the video had 2 coffee makers in the background (looked like Harios) and a book about coffee on the table. If you’re finding yourself getting all fidgity maybe cut back a smidge on the Joe?


“Do fidget spinners actually help people with ADHD?”

Yes. The people who sell these use the profits to obtain legitimate help for their ADHD kids.


While it may seem counterintuitive, stimulants are used to treat ADD. Adderall, which is a common drug used to treat ADD is a salt of four different types of amphetamine.

If he was prescribed megadoses of artisinal coffee by his doctor then I withdraw my comment.

FWIW, caffeine is also used as a supplemental or self-medicating treatment for ADD so you never know…

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From what I gather there’s a theory that fidget spinners “outsource” too much of the fidgeting to actually be that useful. The physicality of fidgeting is what helps people with ADHD focus so fidget spinners end up more of a distraction than a focus tool.

I imagine that cubes and other manipulatives might be more effective given their active nature.

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A WHOLE WEEK? Wow! Thats some great science there!

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Dear Parents,

Please do NOT give your seven-to-ten year old hyper son yet another potential projectile, noise maker, friend teaser, paper buzzer, pencil flipper, desk tapper, floor skidder, chew toy, nose plug, ceiling fan ornament slash yet another object to lose and then have a tantrum about, and then send them to school while telling yourself that you’ve helped.

A teacher who happens to have ADHD (well-controlled through caffeine and Ritalin)


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