Do the Right Thing: Spike Lee juxtaposes “Radio Raheem” and ”Gentle Giant” Eric Garner in short film


I love how all the white supremacists got real quiet on the internet about this one.

With Mike Brown it was all about smearing his character and victim blaming. People called him a “thug”. They said we don’t know what happened. And generally just took the cop at his word.

Here we have irrefutable video footage. And on the internet there are crickets. There is no justification to be made, so now they have no opinion.

It will be interesting to see how the murder of Tamir Rice will be handled. The thin blue line is a burning fuse.


“That’s what he gets for resisting, he had it coming” and “If he hadn’t been so fat and lazy and probably on welfare, he wouldn’t have died” seem to be the go-to slanders for Garner.

Looks like they are coming out the gate with lies.

I think I read that Presidential hopeful and self-certified ‘ophthalmologist’ Rand Paul (seriously, that is the worst rug since Jim Traficant) is blaming it on ‘nanny state’ cigarette taxes. It might be funny but this guy died. for. nothing. w.t.f?

That Tamir Rice thing is why I won’t let my kid buy a airsoft or a bb or pellet gun. And I love target shooting! My boy is 12 and white and I think they’d waste him in a heartbeat. oops! Cops are too trigger happy by about 100X. I made be off by an order of magnitude or two.

After watching the actual Eric Garner video, one has to wonder what buying video cameras for the police will do? They’ll just turn em off, throw em out or conveniently lose the video records (oops! wink).


On the topic of Spike Lee being prescient, can I add some Chuck D here?

What a terrible month of reminders that not enough has changed.

Exactly, and a citizen’s video was ignored by the Grand Jury and he’s facing charges for his freedom to record the event as it happened.

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I am not sure about this, but there seems to be some sort of charge related to a hand gun. He supposedly slipped a small caliber gun into the waistband of another person… after I’d been ID’d by the NYPD, I’m not sure if that would mean I would want to get a hand gun or get rid of one… =P

I’d get the heck out of NYC if I could after videoing that. Aint no good gonna come to that man, no matter how good or evil he may be. I tell my boys, if a cop sez get outta my way, you get out of his way. If he says pull over, you pull over. Right or wrong has nothing to do with it anymore: The Authoritah says respect mah, you do so. If they make a mistake you end up dead. Better butt hurt than dead.

Funny how the phone camera man is facing charges but the guy who killed another man is whistling dixie, scot free. f’k’d up world we live in, amirite?


Oh joy, victim blaming. That never happens in these discussions.

Did you watch the video of Tamir Rice? They shot him dead, a 12 year old CHILD, within seconds. Seconds. Do you think he had time to react? To comply with the police? They didn’t even give him a chance. And this man was DYING – and they KNEW he was dying, but they did not fucking care.

“Just do as they say!” is not the answer. It’s a tired, cliche response that does nothing to add to the discussion. How many times does “do as they say, jeez, why didn’t you do as they say?” have to be repeated before people realize it’s a bullshit response that isn’t helping? It’s just like “Gosh, just tell teens not to have sex, that’ll work!” Do you think you’re being helpful? All it serves is to blame the victims, and help to raise the pedestal that the police are already on in this country even more.

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