Do you 10Q?

Just got my 2015 answers back, priming me to start thinking about this year’s batch of questions.

Do You 10Q?

10 Days. 10 Questions.
Answer one question per day in your own secret online 10Q space. Make your answers serious. Silly. Salacious. However you like. It’s your 10Q. When you’re finished, hit the magic button and your answers get sent to the secure online 10Q vault for safekeeping. One year later, the vault will open and your answers will land back in your email inbox for private reflection. Want to keep them secret? Perfect. Want to share them, either anonymously or with attribution, with the wider 10Q community? You can do that too.

Next year the whole process begins again. And the year after that, and the year after that. Do you 10Q? You should.

Click here to get your 10Q on.

It’s an exercise in annual self-reflection, as explained in their FAQ:

10Q was inspired by the traditional ten days of reflection that occur between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, a period of time that’s long been considered an opportunity to look at where you’re at, where you’ve come from, and where you’re heading. Whether you’re Jewish or not, though, 10Q is a great way for anyone to look back at the year that’s past, look ahead at the year to come, and take stock. That’s a beautiful thing in any language.

I’ve been doing it for quite a few years now, and have really appreciated having this modern framework to facilitate classic introspection.


I’m in!


Came here for my favourite joke to tell kids just starting algebra:

  • What’s 5Q plus 5Q?
  • 10Q
  • You’re welcome.



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