World's greatest math test answer


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Umm, it is wrong. Bobby only has 4 monies, whereas Amy has 30 monies.



“We will ask each candidate the same question on immigration, starting with Mr. Trump. For the love of God, do NOT show your thinking.”




Carson: (he always closes his eyes to watch the action)



I hope the teacher didn’t mark it wrong.

Of course not. Teachers only use that “show your thinking” to give themselves time to go have a drink. It took the kid at least that long to draw the picture.


What the hell? She’s got more than half a pound! on edit: ahh never mind my eyes are failing me. still it’s definitely more valuable.


The frown is what kills me. “This is my math test face.”


This reminds me of helping my daughter with her math homework many years ago when she was 6 or 7 years old. I don’t remember specifically what the problem was, just that she was supposed to add up the values from two word problems and decide which one was the greater and by how much. It was close to her bedtime and she was having trouble grasping the point of the question. She knew that the answers to the two sums were 9 and 10 but she wasn’t catching on to what they were driving at for the final answer. After several unsuccessful attempts at coaching her to the correct response I finally blurted out in desperation “what’s the difference between 9 and 10?” She thought for a second and said “Slight?”.

I gave her a hug and told her to get ready for bed.


I’m with this kid.
My daughter had a similar question on an assignment once. She’s good at math but doesn’t necessarily solve by proscribed methods. She subsequently drew out a elaborate dali-esque flowchart thingy that would make a Common Core proponent have a stroke.


Nobody ever lets me use proscribed methods either.



Doh, spelling counts, even in math… Ha


That reminds me of when my second cousin who is a few years younger started school and my grandaunt briefed us that we were not allowed to complain about schoolwork in front of her because she wasn’t supposed to be exposed to the idea that it could be considered unpleasant. Because that was going to work.


Who is this, then?


About 99% of earth’s population, unfortunately.


Does not compute. Bobby’s and Amy’s ages are not stated.

(Awesome answer though.)


Probably whoever had to walk in behind Rand. Those petroleum soaked locks give off some powerful fumes.


My niece was recently asked to explain how she had gotten the answer to the previous question, and wrote: