Middle school teacher in trouble after administering "Pimps and Hos" math test


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What. The. Fuck.

I just can’t even.


3.) Mrs. Bolser has spent 30 years in this goddamn thankless job. If she will retire in 14 days, how many fucks does she have left to give?


Yeah, I just don’t care. Teaching is a difficult and thankless job that pays poorly.
None of which means you should pull some shit like this. Go out with some dignity, already. Or call in sick. Or whatever.


So this is basically this:


I agree, I’m a teacher myself. It’s one thing to fantasize about going out in some “screw y’all” act of rebellion and another to actually do it.


Probably none, at least until some parent sues her, cleaning out her retirement pension.


A teacher has to fight for the kid’s attention, right?


So, am I the only person who thinks this is delightful?


So, what are the answers to 1 and 2?

Can Ramon carry out drive-bys with <13 rounds?

Leroy isn’t selling at a consistent price/g…?


It’s about damn time someone made math useful. I spent years in school (some of them in the same grade) and have yet to be in a train leaving Chicago at 50MPH or one leaving St Louis at 35MPH.


I’ve watched lots of teachers leave the game- some left well, some didn’t. It says a lot about someone’s character, I find.

I once watched a teacher print out copies of a entire department’s final exam and leave them all over the building for students to find. What was the point? What message does that convey? What, other than petty immature bridge-burning?
Yeah. He really stuck it to that place. Showed them GOOD!


Leroy makes a compelling case for standardizing on the metric system.

I’m always fucking up the ounces to grams conversion.


Yeah, those questions literally make no sense. How much ammo you need to fire 13 shots is completely independent of how many of those shots hit their target. The second question, as you point out, does not have an answer that can be determined mathematically with the information given.



Seems well qualified for a position with the Sin City school department.


Christ what an asshole


Not to mention that glaring extraneous apostrophe in the question about Dwayne.


Aren’t retirement pensions* are generally off-limit to civil actions? And I’m not sure there’s an actual harm?

But I hear you.

(*They’re in lieu of social security.)


Wait, wait. I’ve heard this one before.

Bingo! Eight years ago!


Are they?