Photo of the raddest high school math teacher in 1970s SoCal


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Correction: His name is “Mr. D” (from the comments). Dana Hills is a High School in Dana Point, which is in Orange County near San Juan Capistrano.


Oh, thanks!!!


That’s awesome. /r/oldschoolcool is a great subreddit.


curious as to how 1 + 1 = TubE…


right? my education was entirely shit, apparently. dinosaurs, math, on and on.


I misread that as “enraged educator,” and these days it’s completely possible. I am already tired of the 21c.


read it as two-b


Jaime Escalante was also a pretty rad high school math teacher in 1970s SoCal…


Dig it.


Think about it some more…


if he really was the raddest teacher, then that would be a left, not a right.

and for today’s surf report from the south pacific – it’s as flat as a flat thing having a lie down.


Not sure if just thinking about it some more, alone, would lead someone who doesn’t know surfing terminology to ever understand. (Much like Rob’s David’s “pitted” comment in the lead in.)

Based on the wave on the chalkboard (I at first thought it was a big leaf), and his stance, he seems to be doing something in his lecture that touches on surfing–and 1+1= “two”-be seems to be a playful reference to the tube, or barrel of a wave.

I think.


no. just no.


Aha! Clarity!


Why not?


Because some people think teachers can never be hip and are the ultimate “authority figure”?

Authority schmauthority

I guess…

I wish I’d had teachers like this guy in high school! Especially in math (yuk) classes.


Yeah, seconded. I had a bunch of disinterested teachers in HS. I had a good history teacher, and he was a coach even! But the classes were always interesting and fun. The math teachers, not so much. :frowning:


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