World's greatest math test answer

cognito ergo sum. Also I wrote this therefore I am.
I’ll take those points now.

I used to fucking hate being told to show my working out in maths, because the damn teachers couldn’t seem to process the fact that I could reach the answer in one or two steps instead of six or seven. It was like being asked how I formulated the sentence I just spoke.

I dunno, I just did.


Cogito ergo spud.
I think therefore I yam.


Reminds me of an answer I gave on an English test back in high school. I forget what the word was, but basically the question was “Use the word in a sentence.” I wrote, “I know how to spell ‘word.’” The teacher wrote “So what?” and I got no credit.

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The figure looks like it was drawn by Allie Brosh :smiley:

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