Do you have what it takes to get in bed with NASA?


Holy shit, the only thing missing is the stream of water in your face. Seventy days?

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That’s LIE in bed for 70 days, not lay. Transitive vs. intransitive verbs, don’tcha know. <pedantic grammar mode /off>

Ha, thanks, came here to say that too, couldn’t resist…

Edit: though there is a sense in which say, high-sex-drive astronauts could lay [someone] for hours…

Yeah, but for 70 days? Even astronauts gotta rest sometime. :wink:

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Gah. Sorry. Fixing.


$10.71 per hour! Um, NASA, can we at least get a living wage?


Also, you get to list “official bed tester for NASA” on your resume - or t-shirt of your choice.

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Does that include all the TANG one can drink? (Oooo, and astronaut ice cream?)

$10/hour is sorta typical for human experimental subject, especially if they’re feeding you. The presumption is that you’re basically volunteering For Science and the stipend is just to keep it from being an excessive financial hardship. Compare it to what your state pays for extended jury duty and it may look more reasonable.

My questions would be the more practical ones of just how horizontal they’d need folks to remain – can subjects at least go to the bathroom on their own? Can reading and/or computing be made practical?

Not that I’m in anywhere near the physical condition they want for their subjects. But I’d sorta like to do something for NASA at some point in my life.

Toward the end of my thesis, I was running out of food and didn’t want to take a break for shopping, which meant I was finishing off a jar of Tang that someone else had abandoned. I don’t think I ever want to taste the stuff again.

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the one time i screened for this my blood suagar was too high. i may try again later this year.

For that 70 days can you play Borderlands 2 the whole time?

Maybe I’m an awful person; but I have to wonder if this is the sort of science that could ethically be done in areas where $10.71/hr sounds like a lot more than it does here. Presumably NASA wants people in adequate general health, which excludes the truly dire cases; but there are probably a depressing number of people working rather more dangerous jobs for rather less money.

You can; but I hope you like single player. For the sake of realism, ping will be roughly that of an ordinary broadband connection on day zero, with just under 50,000 milliseconds added gradually over the course of the ‘trip’ to simulate the effects of distance.

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Those areas may not have people in the kind of physical condition that NASA wants as a baseline. (Better exercised, probably, but more nutritional issues…)

And as I pointed out in my other post, there’s probably no real shortage of volunteers who would be willing to take a financial loss in order to assist NASA, just as there’s no real shortage of folks who would sign up for a mars mission with no return and limited survival time.

Wouldn’t matter as much to those of us whose preference doesn’t lean toward multiplayer “twitch gaming”, and who still use email in preference to IM.

Single player is fine, sign me up! I suppose if I got the wife in on it too we could set up two xboxes and play together over a LAN connection. Tell NASA to sort it out, also nachos.

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