Volunteers spend 60 days in bed... for space science!


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I was in traction, twice, both lasted 16 weeks. So a big no to that. But cool science project…


I am pleased they are testing this contraption on Germans.


When I had my stints put in I had to lay in bed with my leg straight so as not to bleed to death. After 6 hours I was finally allow to sit up. That was a great feeling, to sit up and go for little walk and pee standing up. To do it for 60 days? No way.

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Had to spend three weeks on my front and with my head permanently facing down after a retinal detachment op a while back. They empty the eyeball of all liquid and fill it with gas after the op. Have to keep facing down until it has all dissipated.

Apparently they don’t do it this way any more.

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Project Oblomov. I like it.


See “Packing for Mars,” by that amazing author, Mary Roach. NASA has already done all this stuff.


16 weeks in traction? Twice? Lordy that sounds terrible

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This sounds absolutely torturous, but considering all cool science fiction stories that have people in stasis on their spaceships while hopping between star systems obviously sort of requires this step to happen first, I’m all for it.


Hmm. Sure.






Well, that’s the risk when you try to drink directly from one of these puppies:



I’ve read all her stuff. Best read on long flights!


That grouse is definitely larger than life-size! Plenty of meat on it, for sure.

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