Why does long-term zero-g hurt astronauts' eyes? Mystery solved


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I’m glad there are some people out there who want to go to space and conduct research because personally: fuck that.


I genuinely would go to space to do research, but then again that’s easy to say when i have no chance of actually doing so. The work they do is so important in advancing human knowledge and progress, and… it’s space. However the toll of low/zero gravity on a person’s body is not something to take lightly, that makes astronauts god damn heroes though.


I’ve got a better way to advance human knowledge and progress. Send a robot.


Unless of course you want that human knowledge to include “the long-term effects of spaceflight on human beings.”


If you don’t send people to space, you don’t need to study how people do in space.


It would be interesting to know how much gravity you need to get CSF levels back to normal, and how much rotation the body can stand in the process. One RPM seems to be the current design goal.


So no human exploration of the cosmos for ever and ever?


If we get Star Trek levels of technology, sure. For now, no.


So, like, just skip all the incremental steps that normally accompany new technologies and emerging sciences? I don’t think you can do that.


This is why god invented centrifuges, my friend.


Though Kubrick’s model is way to small to help, IMHO. You would need a radius of more than a hundred metres to get reasonable acceleration.


Nice! I like discarding my hypothesis that it had something to do with rocket-induced g-forces.


The grav-plating is on back-order.


came here for this.


The incremental steps are done on the ground, coming from other industries. Maybe advances in materials and packing energy and manipulating the fundamental forces of nature will make space travel easier and meaningful. Maybe it never will. Us putting people into space now is just a stunt. It’s not exploration in any sense.

We have to understand that our future is dependent on the Earth. We can’t mess this place up under the delusion we can just go somewhere else.


Well, thats just your opinion, man.

We can’t mess this place up under the delusion we can just go somewhere else.

Are you blaming space travel for damage to the Earth’s environment?


How much acceleration is reasonable acceleration? We don’t know much about the long term effects between 0g and 1 g. Would Lunar gravity be enough, Mars, a big-ass 1g wheel?


You can’t make much incremental progress on human spaceflight without putting humans in space now and then. Aviation engineers had to learn how to build relatively dangerous biplanes before they could build relatively safe jumbo jets.


Medical science may come to the rescue with some reasonable estimates.