Do you know this pigeon who wears a glitzy rhinestone flight suit?


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Aw what a cute bird, i really hope someone finds its owner.


What if the pigeon fled a situation where dress-up time was not considered fun?


I’ve never seen this pigeon and Elvis in the same room at the same time.


Cute birdie… but I think it’s wild. I see them flying around Utah in three piece suits and tuxedos all the time.


I’m 100% sure it’s Will Smith

(if you haven’t seen the trailer. Wait for it…)


We got a real Jessica Fletcher here


I am not prepared for this particular line of questioning.


So at any moment her involvement with the pigeon will lead to a series of inexplicable murders in her not-at all-suspicious immediate vicinity?

And possibly there will be a guest appearance by Tom Selleck?


Darn. That’s not my pigeon, it is just another pigeon dressed the same…


Traitor! He traded the secret coded message he was carrying for a fancy suit!


I think maybe it’s hoping the opposite.

Oh my sweet lord:

How Do I Measure My Pigeon?

Oh the avianity…

And by the way, yes. It is a rhinestone-studded…diaper.


Regardless if it finds its owner or not i just hope its well taken care of.

Also birds are cool af. I may have at some point considered doing a webcomic about pigeons, didn’t get super far into it because of life reasons.


Apparently the Ratel kit was in the park this morning yelling, “Take bath!” at the pigeons.


lol, perfection.


Are young ratels kits or cubs? Asking for a pedant.


I have so many questions.


I feel like we deserve the right to define ourselves, regardless of what names imperialistic zoologists have forced upon us.

(purposely not polling the kit for his opinion…)


Actually, more common then expected.


Okay, your mention of pigeon illustration is reminding me a bit of this:

A video clip of it, apparently: