Crocheted pigeon costumes for dressing them up as extinct birds


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I tried taping a bunch of rats together and dressing them up as a West African black rhinoceros but the Smithsonian wasn’t interested.


Did you crochet a rhinoceros suit for them to wear?


No, I just took the easy way out and paid some guys to get me a hide. Didn’t ask where it came from but it still had that “new leather smell.” This was back around 2005 or so.


Do you have a degree in a relevant subject such as conservation? If you don’t have a diploma you don’t count.


Hey now, anybody who cares doesn’t need a biology diploma to count. Anybody who cares counts.


Buncha fancy-pants conservationists love art projects by people with Ivory Tower degrees, but present them with an art project made of actual ivory and suddenly they’re all “how could you kill such a beautiful creature, you monster?”


Won’t these costumes simply make the human race that much more dedicated to wiping them out for good this time? Then we might lose the pigeons also…


Two problems:
a) how do you catch urban pigeons?
b) once you get the suits on them, how do you keep the birds from flying off?


Those appear to be plastic models of pigeons wearing the outfits. It’s almost as if conservationist artists aren’t willing to abuse animals for the sake of their work anymore.


until this very moment I had no idea how much I have always wanted to dress up as an extinct bird. My heart is aflutter much like an extinct bird’s might be if they weren’t extinct.


Clearly a bunch of beta cucks.


Not extinct, but relevant


Aim for the Foundation for Speculative Biomes and Healthy Felis and Aves Intestine, get to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.


Don’t you mean “clucks”?


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Cultural Appropriation!


That’s so irresponsible! Do you want rat kings? Because that’s how you get rat kings.


Even if those weren’t pigeon models it’s pretty obvious that there’s no flying with one of those suits on.