Short documentary on a sculptor whose medium is feathers

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Incredible work, really wonderful.

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I saw one of these at the Saatchi Gallery (title: “Corvid”); it was really cool. It made me feel like I was in the presence of a mythical beast, the headless-buttless feathered ouroboros.

I do take issue with calling these animals “repulsive.”


Allegedly that is part of the artist’s point:

MccGwire’s deliberate decision to use feathers of such birds like pigeon, duck, magpie, pheasant and crow is an attempt to have us rethink our preconceptions of beauty. “Pigeons are regarded as disgusting; they are thought of as rats with wings. But you’ve got a dove, which is the same species. They are exactly the same strain of bird - one is white and one is grey. The dove is the symbol of peace, purity and hope, and the pigeon is a rat with wings.” She argues, “So we’ve put human characteristics against these birds that actually are quite contrary and don’t make any sense at all.”

Don’t quite get it myself, but hey, seems you can’t be an artist these days unless you’ve got some spiel about your art…


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